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“If More than 50% of the money you ever put in your pocket from your Amazon or eCommerce business will likely come when you sell it…" 
How Much Time Have You Spent Strategically Planning Your Biggest Payday?

Why Do I Get More than 50% When I sell?

Because while you’re building your business, you have to continually reinvest in new products, more product launches, more staff, and MORE STOCK.
When you sell, you convert all of these business assets into cash to put into your personal accounts.
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It’s Time to Think About Your Business in a New Way
You may have started your business to:
  • Get away from corporate
  • Build a lifestyle income
  • Have a second income
  •  Gain back your freedom
You are also BUILDING AN ASSET that can be SOLD SOMEDAY
  •  Selling the FUTURE PROFIT of the business
  •  Selling the INVENTORY that has been built up 
  •  Selling the ASSETS  
  • - Brand
  • - Listings with reviews
  • - Supplier relationships
Once you realize this, everything about how you build your business changes
The Big Questions We Help You Answer
Where am I today?
  • How is my business truly performing?
  •  How would a buyer view my business?  
  •  What is my business worth today? 
What could I achieve?
  •  What “bottlenecks” are hurting my potential valuation?
  •  What can my business achieve if I overcome these them? 
  •  How do I remove these “bottlenecks“ from my business? 
When will I get there?
  • What will my business be worth in 1, 2 or 3 years, if I hit my growth projections?
  •  When is the right time to sell? 
  •  How do I get the best price for my business? 
Services We Provide
Northbound is a strategic advisement firm that assists you with the following:
Business Sale
We’re in your corner throughout the entire transaction process from going to market through accepted offer and closed transaction, allowing you to focus on growing your business during this critical phase.
Strategic Finance
We are your financial partner in assessing your current numbers, building your sales forecast, and then ensuring you have the cash needed to achieve your growth target.
Shareholder Mergers & Buyouts
We assist shareholders in forming companies the right way, buying out shareholders, and a range of other corporate transactions.
Supplier Negotiations
We leverage extensive deal and negotiation expertise to design supplier relationships that improve your cash flow and drive increased profitability.
The Northbound Strategic Valuation System
At the heart of our services is the most advanced Amazon & eCommerce planning and valuation system available. Six integrated modules to optimize the value you receive for your company.
1. Review Your Accounting System
Convert your financial performance into the definition of profit that buyers utilize
2. Analyze Your Product Profitability
Receive color-coded analysis of each product by channel based on profitability (before and after ad costs) and cash-flow efficiency.
3. Forecast Your Growth & Cash Flow
Easily maintain a detailed, product by product, channel by channel growth strategy…and the cash needed to achieve it.
4. Establish Your Budget
Take control of your expenses with a line item by line item budget to ensure your path to profitability.
5. See Your Valuation Over Time
Maintain a valuation roadmap so you can sell at the optimum time to maximize the price you receive.
6. Package Your Company
Confidently provide others with a firm foundation and clear justification for the maximum valuation of your company
Results You Achieve with Northbound →
1. A higher price than you can get on your own
2. Increased chance you actually complete a sale of your business
3. Mitigate post acquisition risks to safeguard the money you receive

Successful Exit
About Us
Northbound Group helps Amazon and other eCommerce businesses unlock the value in their businesses and then exit. In addition, Northbound advises on other strategic transactions such as improving cash flow through partner supplier negotiations, debt financing, or minority equity investments.

Northbound Group has developed a strategic valuation and exit strategy system that helps Amazon and eCommerce entrepreneurs unlock the key bottlenecks in their businesses and then exit for a top valuation.
We offers an unrivalled blend of synergistic skills to help you maximize the value you receive from your business
  • Corporate Development – With former Amazon Sellers in our team, we offer in-depth strategic advice and operational insight to drive your business to new heights.
  •  Financial Expertise – Our industry-leading strategic valuation model and team of experienced financial professionals provide CFO-level advice to increase your profits and sales; and 
  •  Sell-Side Specialists - Don’t do the biggest deal of your life alone! Benefit from our extensive experience in helping Amazon FBA business owners like you plan and achieve a successful exit. 
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Strategic planning and designing your ideal exit can be a complex topic. We are here to help you get hem answered. If you have any individual questions, or would like to speak to one of our strategic advisors, please contact us at